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Your Team of Medical and Holistic Health Professionals Working Together to Get You out of Pain, Correct Your Condition and Help You Achieve Better States of Health!

Chiropractic (ABC Method)

After just one treatment patients frequently report they feel more upright and balanced, their muscles are more relaxed, pain is reduced and they can breathe easier.

A massage isn’t just a great way to relax. A few targeted sessions could have amazing results for patients struggling with a range of nerve complaints and muscle issues.

Sitting at a desk all week is its own type of physical (and mental) stress. Add the weekend activities and it’s no wonder you experience tight muscles, pain, achy joints and injuries!

Trigger Point Therapy

A little knot of muscle on your neck or back could be wreaking havoc on your nerves. Find out if your symptoms are arising due to trigger points and how we can quickly relax them.

Rapid Release Therapy (TM) is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

An undiagnosed food intolerance or mold allergy could be causing your fatigue and pain. Let us test you for over 300 sensitivities with just one blood draw.

Auto Accident Care

Waiting too long to have your auto accident injuries evaluated by a professional could cause insurance troubles later. We can also start immediate treatment to minimize pain and long term damage.

Handle your headaches before they become a chronic problem by finding the cause and eliminating it with just a few visits.

Your body needs more than just the basic nutrients like calcium and iron. Invest in micronutrient testing to discover hard to diagnose deficiencies with help from the experts at SpectraCell.


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