Back Pain


End Back And Neck Pain: Restore Your Quality Of Life

We know back pain and neck pain can dramatically affect your enjoyment of life. But, you do not have to live this way. Our highly trained, expert medical staff has successfully brought enduring and real relief to many patients.

Visit our Clinic and we will create an individualized treatment plan that resolves your painful medical condition and restores your health without surgery, costly medications or undesirable side effects.

Our approach to pain management is different because we go beyond your symptoms to seek out the source of your condition and treat the core cause.

Pain Management: Experience A Full Range Of Noninvasive, Effective Treatment Under One Roof

You will take an active role in your recovery by working with your medical team to create a customized treatment plan that includes medical treatment of your condition and supportive services aimed at improving your overall well-being and functioning so you can heal, recuperate, and avoid reinjury.

Because our Medical Center is fully equipped, you will conveniently receive your supportive care at the same facility under the guidance of a familiar medical team who understands the details of your case.

Discover How To Manage Pain Naturally

Studies show that medications containing ibuprofen increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. Prescription pain medicine damages internal organs, including the liver and carries with it a risk of addiction.

Our medical professionals will help you discover natural solutions to manage pain including manual therapy, injections and topical creams, which when rubbed into the skin over your painful area, provide relief for sore, painful muscles and damaged tissues. Because creams contain natural pain-relieving ingredients and are only applied to the outside of your body, they do not carry serious side effects and they do not affect your entire system.

Receive A Synergy Of Complementary Services

We may include a combination of the following successful methods to treat your back pain:

Spinal postural screening : categorizes and rectifies biomechanical alignment issues.

Spinal decompression : heals and releases spinal disc issues.

Trigger point injections : delivers instantaneous relief by relaxing trigger points in back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Chiropractic care : remedies problems with alignment and mechanics.

Manual therapy : hands-on healing for muscles and tissues.

Rehabilitative services : expands range of motion, improves functioning and bolsters strength

*Results may vary from individual to individual