Durable Medical Equipment

What is durable medical equipment?

Any medical device or equipment that gives remedial benefits to a patient with an illness or certain medical conditions is called as durable medical equipment (DME). This equipment is prescribed by a physician for patient use at home.


TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is used for nerve-related pain issues. The TENS Unit has small pads that stick to the body and are powered through the main device. The TENS Unit sends stimulating electrical pulses across nerve strands to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. The TENS Unit also helps produce higher levels of Endorphins – which is the body’s natural pain medicine.

LSO Brace

An LSO Brace is a back brace that supports the spine and muscles of the back. LSO stands for lumbar sacral orthosis. The LSO brace immobilizes your back and supports your lumbar spine. Most people using LSO braces due to pain, injuries or disorders in the lower back. Today’s LSO braces are light weight and designed for comfort. The support provided by the LSO brace can improve healing times and will prevent further injury.

Knee Brace

Knee braces are used to stabilize the knee and help foster the healing process of the knee. Whether you have an injury or chronic pain, a knee brace may be something that can help alleviate pain and prevent further injury or overuse. We have knee braces that work for almost any pain or injury condition.

*Results may vary from individual to individual