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Experience A Noninvasive, Nonsurgical Treatment For Your Knee Pain.

SUPARTZ THERAPY: Discover An Effective, Instantaneous Method For Pain Relief

What Is SUPARTZ® Therapy?

If you have knee osteoarthritis, we can perform this pioneering treatment quickly and easily in our office. This type of therapy involves an injection of natural joint replacement fluid that works on many levels to heal your knee joint.

Why SUPARTZ® Therapy?

You can experience immediate pain relief and up to six months pain-free without having to undergo surgery or take prescription medications. SUPARTZ® therapy decreases pain and improves flexibility so you can return to everyday activities.

How does it work on knee pain?

Hyaluronan is a substance similar to the synovial fluid found in your joints. In SUPARTZ® therapy, a doctor injects high quality hyaluronan into your knee joint to promote healing and stability. This natural joint replacement fluid bolsters lubrication and cushioning to the knee so your tissues can repair themselves and so you can regain strength, and enjoy increased range of motion.

SUPARTZ® therapy heals your knee joint in the following ways:

  • Helps the joint function properly by encouraging tissue growth and fortifying cartilage
  • Allows tissues to heal by stimulating nutrient-rich fluid
  • Diminishes inflammation

What Can I Expect?

In only 5 minutes, we can administer SUPARTZ® injections in our office. We will access the joint by having you lie down with your knee either straight or bent. Then, we will disinfect the skin to prevent infection and we will ask you to relax your muscles. After the injection, you will move your knee to ensure the new fluid stretches throughout the joint. Over the next several weeks, we may administer further injections and prescribe physical therapy and/or other complementary treatment methods.

*Results may vary from individual to individual