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Erica Haynes

Erica is a California native who moved to Colorado to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and Psychology. She has a passion for holistic health and functional medicine with integrating Western and Eastern medicine. She enjoys working with different age groups and values diversity. She embraces new opportunities and advances in the health and wellness industry while striving for improving quality of life through education, exercise, health, and nutrition.

For the past few years she has volunteered at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic and looks forward to the opportunity each year to give back to the veteran community. She loves to see the participants overcome challenges and improve their quality of life through various adaptive activities and sports. Those experiences allowed her her apply that mentality to her work towards Keystone Health and Wellness Center’s goal to help patients reach optimal function and quality of life.

In her free time she enjoys camping and hiking the outdoors with her dog, River, and staying active. She is always on the search for the next adventure or opportunity to travel!


Erin Horne

Erin graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2017 with a BS in Integrative Therapeutic Practices and Wellness Coaching. She has since become an NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach) through the National Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches. She has studied both Eastern and Western medical practices.

She has been with us at Keystone Health and Wellness center for over a year and appreciates how our wellness clinic is focused on getting to the root of someone’s pain to help them create a healthier future for themselves. She loves being a part of a team that shares her view on health and genuinely wants to help heal people. Her passions in health are lifestyle medicine including stress reduction, sleep hygiene, pain management, and supporting lifestyle changes that improve a person’s health and wellness throughout their life.

Her passion for holistic health and lifestyle medicine started when she injured herself falling out of a trick during aerial dance and did not want to use the harmful conventional methods recommended to try to fix herself. Instead she chose to use lifestyle changes to help heal her body and learn how to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

Outside of work, she enjoys being with her fiancé, 7-month-old puppy, and friends. She also likes hiking, yoga, travelling, playing board games, and aerial dance.


Chrissy McCauley

Chrissy graduated from the Speech-Language-Pathology program at California State University, Long Beach in 2016. She has a passion for working with people of all ages! Her training in Speech-Language-Pathology gave her an eye for detail and the desire to get to the root of the issue in order to solve problems from the ground up.

She was drawn to us here at Keystone Health and Wellness Center because of our focus on the whole person and getting to the root of the problem. She loves the way we focus on helping people regain their health so they can regain their lives! This focus really hit home for her as she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 and has recently started her own treatment plan. She is happy to report that she seen significant improvements in her day to day symptoms. Fibromyalgia can sometimes feel like it takes over your life and treatment here has significantly improved her functional ability!

In her free time she loves baking, theatre, drawing, reading, writing, playing with her dog Forrest, ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, camping, exploring new coffee shops, trying new food, and sewing.


Shane Walker

Shane has been working with us at Keystone Health and Wellness Center for over a year. He chose a career path in holistic medicine because he firmly believes it is an innovative industry. He has seen how this industry offers people who are suffering and in pain a chance to find a healthy solution that will improve their daily lives drastically. For him this is not just a typical nine to five work and then go home kind of job. It is so much more than that! He strongly believes in holistic medicine; he knows that we are making a difference in the community by pushing holistic medicine forward.

Shane received his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Colorado Mesa University in 2017. At Colorado Mesa University he became well versed in anatomical kinesiology, human anatomy, and body mechanics. Shane was initially involved with the physical therapy treatment team at our office. He was trained under the Advanced Medical Integration Model and served as a Rehab Tech where he worked with patients and supervised therapeutic exercises at our office. He is now taking on the important role of Community Relations Coordinator where he has the opportunity to engage with people from all over the community and promote our holistic health services.

In his free time Shane loves to watch the Rockies and Broncos play. In the summer he enjoys fly fishing and going on adventures in the mountains. His passion is snowboarding and in the winter he enjoys going snowboarding every weekend.


Dr. Lawrenson

Dr. Lawrenson is proud to say that she has been getting adjusted since birth. Under the care of her stepfather (a Chiropractor) and mother (a massage therapist) she was fortunate to grow up under the wellness and preventive lifestyle model. She was motivated to become a Chiropractor so she can give that same gift to others. Growing up she had a passion for athletics, and she always felt she had the upper hand in sports. Due to having a tip-top musculoskeletal system she never spending time injured like some of her fellow team mates. She was drawn Keystone Health and Wellness after seeing how staff promoted and lived by the same preventive, wellness lifestyle that she wants for her own patients.

Her and her husband recently had the option to go anywhere in the US to call home. Colorado easily became the top choice because of the great people, active lifestyle, and 300 days of sun! Dr.Lawrenson is a proud graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and received her bachelors of Science from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She was a walk on softball player at KU and a scholarship rugby player during her career at Palmer College. In her free time, Dr.Lawrenson enjoys spending quality time with her husband, hosting dinner parties, as well as staying fit by playing rugby, golf, working out, and getting out in nature.



Candice grew up in Oregon where she loved visiting the coast and saying hello to the sea lions. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a major in Kinesiology in 2016. She is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in Exercise Science and is also an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist with an Exercise is Medicine credential.

She was first drawn to Keystone Health and Wellness Center because of the passion to improve people’s lives and health through a natural approach. She loves working through a natural approach because it can deal with the underlying problems. She really appreciates how we are focused on a long term solution instead of a temporary fix. She loves the people we work with and how they have the same passion for a holistic approach to health.

In her free time she does yoga, hangs out with her husband, plays music, goes to shows, and plays with her puppy. Her puppy, Finn, is an adorable Pomsky who loves peanut butter and brings a lot of joy into daily activities. Candice and Finn both love Elvis because of the nostalgic entertainment. Candice loves going to lots of performing arts shows, her favorite show to go see is Cirque Du Soleil because of the way they tell a story through acrobatics. She is a very talented musician who plays both the flute and keyboard. She got into music as a kid and finds playing music very relaxing.

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