Patient Experiences


Read below to see what our happy patients have said about us!

  • “Life-changing; that is what my experience with Keystone Health and Wellness comes down to. In May 2017, I arrived complaining of tension in my shoulders and neck. The staff is a pleasure to work with and was able to address my concerns immediately.  After my 12 weeks of treatments and physical therapy, I am stronger, have more energy, more flexibility, have lost weight and am feeling empowered that I can keep the changes that Keystone Health and Wellness has helped me make for a healthier lifestyle.  The best part, I don’t experience the tension headaches and the pain in my shoulders and neck that I once did.” Jeanine L". 

    “The staff was very professional and supportive throughout my therapy and time here and were very helpful in explaining what to expect during the course of my therapy. These goals were helpful in showing me the progress I was making throughout therapy. I am confident as I walk out of here that I can take the things I have learned and apply them to my everyday life and am thankful for all the support I received throughout my therapy.” – Aaron A.

  • “I came here with poor posture, constant back pain, and heart burn. After 3 months of hard work, my posture is normal, and the back pain, and heart burn almost non-existent. I would definitely recommend Keystone Health and Wellness Center.” -Alex S. 

    “I had great results. At first I was not sure it would help as much as it has. My lower back and knees always gave me issues, but now it no longer hurts and the knees don’t pop. I am feeling way better than I have in years. I am so happy I did this. If I would have known how much it was going to help I would have done this years ago!”- Shawn S

  • "The past ten weeks have been amazing. I no longer have lower back pain issues, and I have a continued program to help maintain going forward. The keys to my success were professionals who knew their area of care, and thoroughly explained what we were doing and why. A specific example was in PT where Shane explained the parts of the body we were targeting and was engaged in making sure I was progressing. The staff at Keystone is top notch. I definitely felt like one of the team with my care and not just a number in a doctor’s office. Ultimately, the key is consistency. I was consistent with my appointments, which allowed he team at keystone to provide the best results possible. Follow their plan, it works!” -Nancy S. 

    "So being a Marine Veteran, saying I’m physically broken and in pain is an understatement. I’ve had major back pain and muscle spasms for almost a decade now. After eight weeks here out of my ten, I decided to go vacationing in the middle of the Colorado Mountains. No roads, electricity, cell signal, etc. I’m talking hard core back country for a whole week. I felt wonderful! No pain at all. I haven’t been able to do the level of activity I did in years. I was alone and completely without pain. I totally recommend Keystone Health and Wellness Center for anyone!” -Chris S. 

  • “I cannot say enough about the staff at Keystone! They are very good at their jobs and care about all of their patients. I am able to hike without my leg going numb. I feel much sturdier on my legs when I exercise and hike. I hope to start riding my bike in the near future. Thank you Dr. Ryan Shane, Erica, and Erin!!” –Linnette L. 

    I’m so grateful for the awesome staff at Keystone for helping me work through my ailments. I feel more my age again instead of someone twice my age.” Morgan W. 

  • “I can’t believe the transformation I’ve had in such a short period of time! I started this journey the week before Memorial Day and it is so amazing to know that the chronic back pain I had tolerated for so many tears is now virtually non-existent. The program as a whole has been so beneficial and I do believe the speed of my recovery has everything to do with the combination of injections, adjustments, and physical therapy. Thank you so much to Keystone for providing an opportunity to improve my health and give me the tools to continue and maintain my amazing progress.”- Diane S

    “I came into Keystone dealing with pain that affected my work, my home life, energy levels, sleep, and overall happiness without really understanding why or where it came from. The team at Keystone quickly identified problem areas and made a comprehensive plan to improve my health. They even went through the long and tedious task of dealing with my insurance. With the constant motivation and encouragement of each team member I gradually but quickly became stronger with less pain and greater mobility. I was given a lot of tools and many lessons on how to take care of myself and continue maintaining my overall health. They really listened to how I was feeling and what I needed. I’m very happy with my results and feel encouraged to continue the work and stay healthy. I’d recommend Keystone to anyone who needs help with their body and health. I truly appreciate the non-drug and non-surgical solutions.”- Brandon H

  • 10 weeks goes by in a blink of an eye. From the 1st week when I could hardly get out of bed because of back pain to the 10th week and being able to swing a golf club again! Keystone Health and Wellness Center has a great staff to be sure all stretches and exercises are done correctly. Dr. Ryan can make your back sound like a bag of popcorn being made but feels great when completed (I’m sure I will seem him on a regular basis). Thanks for taking the pain away!”- Mark P

    “I am so pleased with all the progress I have had during my rehab program. Pain is nearly non-existent. I feel so much better I am able to exercise again, eating right again, overall health and quality of life is so much better. Thank you so much!!!” – Tracy C.